The Future of Autocompletion for Go, using Sublime Text 3

In which I describe a new editor tool for go programmers that implements the Language Server Protocol. I’m excited to have a tool that works with my editor of choice, Sublime Text 3, and is easy to install. Recently I tried installing some go tooling for Sublime Text 3, so I could get some auto-completion happening and get information about available functions. I tried installing goSublime, but found that there was no documentation on how to install it.

Installing the Hugo Blog software in WSL

I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 on WSL (Windows Sybsystem for Linux), and I want to run the hugo blogging software. I could have installed it in windows, but I thought the compatibility might be better in a linux environment. The version of Hugo that comes with Ubuntu, via sudo apt install hugo, is too old and doesn’t work with any of the themes I’ve tried. The easiest way to install hugo on ubuntu and get a recent version is to go to the hugo releases page at https://github.